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Why Does My Court Hearing Keep Getting Continued?

In criminal cases, it's common for cases to take longer than expected for various reasons. Any misdemeanor or felony case in Arizona, and in Pima County specifically, has "case management conferences" or "status conferences" that are held about once every month or so. They are the courts method to make sure the case is moving along. The parties will verify or deny that disclosure (police reports, witness statements, lab reports, etc.) are disclosed, whether or not the parties are moving towards trial or attempting to resolve the case in a plea agreement, or any other issue that may have arisen.

What about my speedy trial rights? Your speedy trial right is the right to a trial within a certain period of time after your arraignment. Depending on if you are in custody or not, and what type of case it is, the times vary from 150 days to 18 months. If you want to waive your speedy trial right in a criminal case, you can do so. Sometimes it is advantageous to take more time and prepare more for any upcoming evidentiary hearings or trial, while other times it may be more advantageous to move forward and invoke your speedy trial rights. These are all issues you would want to discuss with your attorney.

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