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Thomas Higgins & The Higgins Law Group


Listed below are the Practice Areas provided by The Higgins Law Group. 


Expungement (Complete sealing of entire record) Drug charges Domestic Violence Civil & Criminal Forfeitures Conviction Set Asides (Removal of Arizona State Convictions) Driving under the influence (DUIs) Robbery or burglary Civil rights restoration and conviction set asides (previously known as expungement) Restoration of Rights, including Gun Rights Civil and criminal forfeitures (return of seized property) Any felony or misdemeanor not listed here


Dissolution or divorce Collaborative divorce Paternity complaints Parenting time and legal decision making (previously child custody) Child support Prenuptial agreements Postnuptial agreements Modifications to existing orders

FREE Consultations

Please contact our office (se habla espanol) if you have any legal issues concerning criminal matters. A small consultation fee applies for family/domestic matters. Please call for more information. 

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