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Thomas Higgins & The Higgins Law Group


Experienced Trial Attorney's in Tucson, AZ

​The Law Offices of Thomas Higgins, P.L.L.C., in coordination with The Higgins Law Group, P.L.L.C. has a developed a reputation for success in criminal defense cases and domestic cases.
*This is not a comprehensive list.

A few examples of our successes are here:

  • State v. JM (2023): Drug Possession for Sale.  Motion to Suppress granted, bad arrest, case then dismissed.

  • US v. ID, Federal Forfeiture Case (2022): $15,000 original cash and $10,000 worth of luxury items returned to client.

  • US v. RC, (2022): Alien Smuggling. Motion to Suppress granted (bad stop).  Case dismissed.

  • US v. KJ (2022): Smuggling Illegal Aliens. Motion to Suppress granted (bad stop).

  • State v. JC (2020): Domestic Violence. Case dismissed prior to trial.

  • State v. AC (2020): DUI - 0.117BA. Case dismissed due to cops not following up for an interview.

  • US v. MS (2019): Alien Smuggling. On the day for setting trial, defense learned that the cop arresting client was arrested himself three days prior. Felony dismissed.

  • State v. ND (2019): First Degree Murder. Client arrested on a Friday.  Next Tuesday entire case dismissed. Defense investigator solved the murder by retrieving surveillance video.

  • US v BC (2019): Smuggling of illegal aliens, case dismissed after interviews with illegals.

  • State v. M.B. (2018): Drug possession charge, Superior Court. Case dismissed after first hearing.

  • City of Oro Valley v. R.C. (2018): Misdemeanor domestic violence. Case dismissed after first hearing. 

  • State v. R.R. (2018): Misdemeanor possession. Case dismissed after first hearing.

  • In Re Matter of L.M.M., Navajo County Termination of Parental Rights (2018): Father's rights not terminated after a trial on the matter.

  • State v. M.B. (2018) - Dismissal of domestic violence charge prior to trial.

  • US v. K.H. (2018) - Marijuana grow operation. Case dismissed. 

  • L.W. No. 2 CA-CV2017-0130 (2018): Memorandum Decision from the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division 2, upholding the trial court decision to deviate from the child support calculator based on proper weighing and balancing of the child's best interest factors. The Arizona Supreme Court declined the opposing party's petition for review after briefs were submitted.

  • State v. G.H. (2017) - Jury trial. Two counts of Driving While Impaired and Driving with THC in system.  Not guilty both counts even though blood test results were admitted into evidence and the law says any amount of THC in the body requires conviction.

  • State v. N.M. (2017) - Domestic Violence bench trial.  Case and all charges dismissed.

  • In re the Inquiry of Judge PA (2017) - The Commission on Judicial Conduct brought charges against Judge PA from an incident in January of 2017.   Commission counsel sought removal from office.  After a full hearing before The Commission on Judicial Conduct, Judge PA was only censured and remains on the bench.

  • In re the Matter of T.A. (2017) - Judge TA was removed from the bench and suspended from law practice.  He applied for readmission to the State Bar and was denied.  An appeal was taken to the Arizona Supreme Court which reversed the Disciplinary Commission.  Another hearing was held and he was readmitted.

  • US v. A.T.M. (2017) 25 pounds of fentanyl - Case dismissed.

  • State v. M.R. (2017) Domestic violence - Case dismissed.

  • ​State v. J.L. (2017) Possession of marijuana - Case dismissed, refiled, dismissed again.

  • US v. R.R. (2016) Theft from VA program, bench trial -  Not guilty.

  • State v. C.W. (2016) Originally child abuse, dangerous crimes against children with mandatory prison time.  After three grand jury presentations were remanded for improper evidence, a fourth grand jury refused to indict (no bill) - Case dismissed.

  • US v. C.S. (2016) Border search - hidden compartment in defendant's car found at border, 21 pounds of meth - Case dismissed.

  • State v. A.D. (2016) Jury Trial, 8000 pounds of marijuana in defendant’s truck - Not guilty all counts

  • State v. K.W. (2016) Theft, Court Trial - defendant the only person in the house when theft occurred - Not guilty. 

  • State v. J.B.R. (2016) 10 pounds of cocaine found at defendant’s feet in passenger seat, motion to suppress granted - Case dismissed. 

  • US v. D.M. (2016) Interstate transportation of a minor for immoral purposes - Case dismissed

  • State v. M.G. (2016) Assault with a weapon and fists, Court Trial - Case dismissed at close of state’s case. 

  • US v. B.M. (2014) Illegal Reentry (enhanced by statutory rape felony) - Reversed by 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • State v. R.C. (2014) DUI - Motion to Suppress Granted - Case dismissed.

  • US v. P.R. (2013) Possession with Intent to Distribute - Illegal Stop - Suppression granted.

  • State v. McH. (2012) Pima County DUI - Illegal Stop - Suppression granted, upheld on appeal.

  • State v. K.B. (2012) Drug conspiracy - Not guilty all counts.

  • State v. T.E. (2012) Drug conspiracy – hand to hand sales – 10 counts – Not guilty.

  • US v. S.C. (2011) Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana - Case dismissed.

  • State v. C.T. (2011) Graham County Drug Case - Motion to Suppress - illegal stop - Granted.

  • State v. M.M. (2011) Pima County Drug Case - Motion to Suppress - illegal stop - Granted.

  • State v. M.H. (2011) Pinal County Aggravated Assault - Jury Trial - Not guilty.

  • State v. C.S. (2011) City of Tucson DUI - Dismissed pre-trial for bad DUI testing while client was on legal medication.

  • United States v. C.S. (2009) Drug Conspiracy - 560 pounds of marijuana - Case dismissed.

  • State v. W.I. (2009) Pima County Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon - Jury Trial - Lesser offense.

  • State v. E.D. (2008) 23 Counts of Animal Abuse and Dog Fighting - Verdict - Not guilty on all counts.

  • State v. Y.G. (2007) DUI - Blood Alcohol 0.322% - DUI case dismissed.

  • State v. M.V. (2006) Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer - Jury verdict not guilty.

  • People v. H.C. (California, 2005) Possession of 77 pounds of cocaine - Case dismissed after two jury trials


"She is the best of the best at what she does."

There is no one else in all of Tucson, Arizona that I would recommend or even think of wanting to have on my team as an attorney other than the professional Maggie Schmidt. She is the best of the best at what she does, but more importantly she is incredibly kind, honest, and caring. Having Maggie on my team took away all anxiety and fears I had through the everlasting court process and I am eternally thankful for that. Maggie is the reason I have my daughter today and the reason I’ll have her for the next 16 years until she’s 18. Through Maggie’s expertise we won almost every single thing we set out for and I am still nothing short of extremely thankful. If you or anyone you know is in need of an attorney, then please trust me and do yourself a favor by getting the best of the best on your time; Maggie Schmidt. 


Sincerely and with all the gratitude in my heart, 


- R

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