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"Maggie H. Schmidt, Esq. is an amazing attorney!"

“A wise falcon hides its claws.” – A Japanese proverb.  Maggie is modest and humble about her solid career as a trial lawyer.  When she tells you, “I can help”, she CAN and she WILL.  That is the moment when you make the most crucial decision to change your fate even if the case does not go to a trial.  She will work hard and bring the best possible outcome as your last line of defense.


My husband was charged with a felony through a mandatory reporting when I took our child to the doctor.  Due to a backlog caused by the pandemic, his case was sitting on the public defender’s office for the first month and a half.  Maggie took over the challenging task.  She immediately made a thorough analysis of the evidence and explained the best course of action for us to take.  My husband trusted her and followed each step.  She negotiated patiently and cautiously with the prosecutor to avoid any negative immigration ramifications which were unique to our family.  After three months of Maggie being on our team, his case was dismissed prior to a trial.  She was being honest, respectful, ethical, professional, and compassionate while dealing with the case.


Maggie then went out of her way to help us with the DCS appeal process and brought the best possible realistic result.  I especially appreciated her efficiency, thoughtfulness, and professionalism to stop bleeding for our family.  It was incredible for her to be able to close both cases only through a compilation of prompt (within 24 hours on weekdays) and concise email communications with us other than the initial phone consultation and a couple of trips to her office for the paperwork during the pandemic.    


I truly believe how fortunate we were to be able to work with her.  Our family can move on with our lives.  Maggie H. Schmidt, Esq. is an amazing attorney!



"I've found an attorney and friend for life."

I'm still in disbelief from our amazing win!  Maggie is everything and more I could have asked for in an attorney. A little over a year ago I approached her with a case that most lawyers would have declined.  She believed in me and took the time to understand the simple and complex parts of my case.


Maggie holds herself and her team to the highest standard I have ever seen. Each person I had the pleasure of meeting and working with showed strong morals, respect for their clients, genuine honesty, and set realistic expectations.


Before hiring Maggie, I honestly thought I was going to have my daughter taken away from me and be sent to prison for something I did not do. I thought my life was over.  Maggie fought for me with the heart of a lion.  Today I have 50/50 parenting time, I no longer pay any child support which will save me thousands of dollars a year, and the cherry on top is I was awarded $16,500 in attorney fees from my ex for making allegations which the court ruled was false.


The results speak for themselves.   My amazing outcome to this case was due to Maggie and her wonderful team’s time, dedication, and due diligence.  The Higgins Group far exceeded my every expectation.


I've found an attorney and friend for life.


- Ravi R.

"Our words can never express the gratitude we have for the both of them."

In 2015 I was issued a misdemeanor citation. I was referred to Maggie Schmidt and a couple of other attorneys by our insurance liaison. I scheduled a couple of consultations including Maggie’s. Maggie was my first consultation. During our consultation she explained how my citation works and what possible options I had. My most memorable part of the conversation with Maggie is when she said “misdemeanors are fun for me.” In my opinion, it was like a day at the park for her. Well played volley ball game. (Little did Maggie know what she had in store for her).  After meeting with her I met her father Thomas Higgins “Tom” for a brief moment. (He is a fun man). Our consultation had ended and my husband and I were impressed! On our drive we decided to work with Maggie and did not bother meeting the other attorneys. (Mind you I am the type of person who will get at least three estimates and request references on any work we have done). Imagine how impressed I was and still am with Maggie that I decided not to go that route. The day Maggie appeared in court to plead not guilty on the misdemeanor charge the state prosecutor’s office decided they wanted to pull that citation and take it to the Grand Jury and file a felony charge. OH MY GOD!!!! Maggie contacted me and even with all stress and fear I had she told me there is light at the end of tunnel. Her heart broke for me because she knew this was a bunch of BS on the state’s part. Well Maggie was not going down without a good fight. She actually had me present my case to the grand jury. Boy was I nervous. What the heck do I know about grand juries and prosecutors? As I met with the grand jury I was sworn in and stated my case. I was dismissed and Maggie and I went on our way. Unfortunately, a true bill was passed and I was being charged with an intentional act of child abuse when a child I watched accidentally got burned by turning on the hot water faucet. INTENTIONAL what the hell!!!! Here I am a mother of three beautiful babies who has one who proudly serves his country another waiting to finish school and do the same and the youngest who is always at her mother’s side. Not only have I cared for my own but I also cared for other children for several years without any incidents. These are children who cry when they are not in my care and are so over joyed when they see me. This charge meant if found guilty I would have a class 2 felony and mandatory prison time regardless of my clean record. The stress was even more intense. Poor Maggie had to deal with a weeping mother who did not care about her future but only of her children’s. At this point I tell Maggie do what you need to do. Poor Maggie worked countless nights and weekends on this God awful case. I would receive emails from her on Sundays. SUNDAY a day that should be with family. She was so dedicated to this case. Maggie met me off the street she has no idea who I am yet she believed in me and my case. Many may think it’s for the money because attorneys are just greedy but boy are you wrong if you think this of Maggie or her father.  She genuinely cared about me and the outcome of this case. Once she received the grand jury transcripts she immediately noticed all the errors that were made by the prosecutor and detective. Meanwhile I was ordered to go down to the county jail and have my fingerprints taken and appear in court and be indicted. What humiliation. Never had I been in trouble and to be accused of such a thing was heart breaking. Maggie worked her magic and my case was presented to the grand jury a second time than a third. After the third grand jury hearing my charge went from a class two to a class four felony. Intentional was thrown out the window.  At this point we were ready to take a plea bargain of endangerment. We were all on board just to get this out of the way and go on with our lives. Well low and behold the prosecutor made another mistake and pulled the agreement. Instead she wanted to make a plea bargain under assault as an undesignated class six. Meaning I would be charged a felony but the charge could MAYBE change to a misdemeanor later down the road. Maggie advised me NO! My husband and my family all said NO. I was going to say yes but Maggie really took the time to explain to me why not to do this. The only reason why I was going to say yes is because I was so exhausted and wanted to move on with my life. My husband my number one fan was so supportive and he wanted to fight till the end no matter the outcome.  Tom was also getting heavily involved with my case. This time Maggie filed a motion to have the case dismissed or presented to the grand jury again due to the prosecutor errors and misconduct. We met with the judge and he declined the motion to dismiss but he approved to take it back to the grand jury and explained he was not pleased with the detective giving his opinion as a plumber, doctor and so forth. He warned the prosecutor she had to make her presentation fair and even. Well after a year and half of hell the grand jury was finally given an even and fair case and the grand jury did not pass a true bill and just like that my life was given back to me.


Maggie and Tom are more than just attorneys to us they are friends. We hold our friends close to our hearts. I wish I had the means to send them and their families on a sweet get away. They deserve more than just a thank you from me and my family. Our words can never express the gratitude we have for the both of them. When you feel all alone and in the dark and you feel you may be losing confidence in Maggie DON’T. She knows what to do and how to do it. Just follow both their leads. They KNOW!!! The experience they both have under their belts is what helped my case go away. I bet Maggie had no clue how much of a bite she was taking when she wanted to work my case.


Maggie is a fire cracker in and outside the court room. She is already and knows how to put up a fight.


Tom is the charmer and makes me laugh when I hear him curse (which is often).


They are truly down to earth individuals. They are a father, daughter, mother, child, and grandchild just like the rest of us. You will not be disappointed when choosing The Higgins and Schmidt law group.





"I would recommend her and her staff to anyone looking for legal advice or representation."

​It was an extreme pleasure working with The Law Offices of Maggie H. Schmidt. The whole office staff and Maggie are nice, confident, helpful, very well educated and direct with any questions I had. Maggie being direct with me and herself having confidence in the outcome of my case, made me exceptionally relaxed and confident in the outcome before court. This made my experience with her great! I would recommend her and her staff to anyone looking for legal advice or representation.


- Jeffrey Chavez, ARM

"Mr. Higgins got my gun rights back!"

I was convicted of a federal felony that had to do with a business I owned. It was a non violent paperwork error. Never the less a federal conviction. Mr. Higgins did what every other lawyer told me could not be done. I can't put into words my appreciation at getting my god given civil rights returned to me. Thank you Mr. Higgins. 

- Ron

"Best criminal defense attorney in Tucson."

Best criminal defense attorney in Tucson. Tom brings over 30 years of quality experience to all of his clients. You're in good hands with Tom if you're facing criminal charges of any kind.


"Great service."

Great service with amazing rates and decades of experience!

- JM

"She is the best of the best at what she does."

There is no one else in all of Tucson, Arizona that I would recommend or even think of wanting to have on my team as an attorney other than the professional Maggie Schmidt. She is the best of the best at what she does, but more importantly she is incredibly kind, honest, and caring. Having Maggie on my team took away all anxiety and fears I had through the everlasting court process and I am eternally thankful for that. Maggie is the reason I have my daughter today and the reason I’ll have her for the next 16 years until she’s 18. Through Maggie’s expertise we won almost every single thing we set out for and I am still nothing short of extremely thankful. If you or anyone you know is in need of an attorney, then please trust me and do yourself a favor by getting the best of the best on your time; Maggie Schmidt. 


Sincerely and with all the gratitude in my heart, 


- R

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